October 8, 2015

Great American Places Award!

Santa Fe Railyard Named One of 6 Great Places in America by the American Planning Association
We are proud to announce that the rail yard has been named a Great Public Space in America and Talis Fortuna is a part of it!
The American Planning Association (APA) named the Santa Fe Railyard in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as one of six Great Public Spaces on the organization’s annual Great Places in America list.

As part of National Community Planning Month, APA’s Great Places in America program recognizes streets, neighborhoods, and public spaces in the United States demonstrating exceptional character, quality, and planning—attributes that enrich communities, facilitate economic growth, and inspire others around the country. The Great Neighborhoods, Great Streets, and Great Public Spaces of 2015 are places that are unique and exemplary in their amenities and infrastructure, cultural identity, and use of sustainable and innovative practices.

Talis Fortuna is located in the Twisted Cow Compound rife with it’s own history, but check out the very interesting history of the home to Twisted Cow Compound; the Santa Fe Railyard……


July 30, 2015

Best of Santa Fe 2015

SF Reporter Best of Santa Fe 2015

SF Reporter Best of Santa Fe 2015

Talis Fortuna would like to thank you our clients near and far for your support over the years and for voting Crow the #1 best tattooer in Santa Fe and Talis Fortuna the #2 best tattoo studio for the Best of Santa Fe 2015. We couldn’t be more pleased. We are truly grateful to each one of our clients. We hope your summer is beautiful and if you are in town this weekend come visit us at the Reporter Best of Party in the Railyard. And if you are not in town and you’d like any of your new swag, drop us an email! We have men’s and women’s tanks with the falcon logo. Locally made salve for healing and maintaining your tattoos and small letter-pressed prints of the falcon and arrows. (peep it on our IG @talisfortunatattoo)

Santa Fe Reporter Best of Santa Fe 2015 Crow B. Rising Jason Metka Talis Fortuna

Santa Fe Reporter Best of Santa Fe 2015 Crow B. Rising Jason Metka Talis Fortuna

January 9, 2015

Stick and Poke Tattoos, Trends, and DIY “culture”

By Crow B. Rising —with special help from Jared Lyons and Dot by Dot Tattoo recently put out an article called “Enter 2015: Stick and Poke Tattoos Are the New Septum Piercing.” It’s a brief fluff piece on how tattoos “are back” and hand-poked tattoos are the trending (trendy?) ones to get, but instead of informing readers on where to get stick and poke tattoos, the author instead sends’s followers to a link where they can buy a DIY tattoo kit!

I am a professional tattooer, but I come from a DIY background. My young adult years were spent with punks and hippies, as a punk and a hippie. We made zines about growing your own food, plumbing your house for grey water, building bikes that ran on old railroad tracks, and overthrowing the patriarchy. I love DIY culture, but to me, DIY culture is about reclaiming power from corporate conglomerates while still taking advantage of whatever expertise exists in your local community. I don’t need to do everything myself- I buy my honey from a local apiarist, I go to my local dentist to get my teeth worked on, and I get tattooed by professional tattooers. I don’t keep my own bees, I don’t do my own dental work and I don’t do my own tattoos (at least not anymore). I live DIY culture while still supporting great local artists, professionals, and craftspeople, and I think other people should do the same.


matching hand-poked tattoos by Crow B. Rising done at Talis Fortuna in Santa Fe, NM


Traditional Croatian hand-poked tattoo by Crow B. Rising done at Badaku in Rijeka, Croatia


I am also the co-owner of Talis Fortuna in Santa Fe, New Mexico. While our shop is not your typical tattoo studio, we are a private shop, open by appointment only, and we do offer stick and poke tattoos. We are still privy to the trends associated with tattoo culture made popular because of Tumblr or Instagram, though maybe not as much as some “walk-in” shops. We’ve seen the waves of mandalas, frail arrows, and words tattooed in cursive on the insides of fingers ebb and flow. Trends in tattoos can be annoying for us at times, but they also mean we get to pay our bills doing the craft we love and have dedicated our lives to.

I interviewed a fellow tattooer who only tattoos by hand and asked his opinion on the article. He is the mastermind behind Dot by Dot and this is what he had to say:

“For me, hand-poked tattoos are ones that anyone can probably attempt but few will see the artistic value and master. I love that the technique is becoming more popular, mainly because I get to do larger pieces for my clients and this means it’s easier for me to express myself artistically without having to explain too much about the process. I do not see it as a trend. This is the only way I have been applying tattoos for many years, and I wish to continue to do so for many more.

“It is a style and technique that has its roots based in a traditional form but usually has a modern take on the art work and on the sterility and cleanliness of application. It is not for everyone, but it should also be appreciated as its own art form and not as one that will come and go.

“It’s a tattoo, not a piercing, so not so easily removed when the next trend comes along. Maybe if you want one, treat it like any other tattoo you would get and make sure it’s from someone who is licensed and able to tattoo you, not your friend in the back room of their house.”

I second his sentiments regarding being able to do more tattoos with this method. Stick and poke tattoos are the way I first came into tattooing in 1998 and, while I like the versatility that come with tattooing using a machine, there is something truly special and ritualistic about a hand-poked tattoo. While I am pumped that more and more people are becoming aware of and seeking out stick and poke tattoos, I am not so pumped about some of the other aspects of this trend as depicted in the article.

There are a lot of reasons not to do your own tattoo- just because you are able to buy a cute kit with birds stamped on it (the old “put a bird on it” still works!) does not mean you have artistic ability or technical acumen to tattoo, or that you have the knowledge necessary to prevent the spread of always-trendy blood-borne pathogens. It gets worse! If you’re purchasing a “DIY kit” to apply your own stick and poke tattoo, that’s not really “doing it yourself” at all- instead of putting your money (and safety) in the hands of a skilled local artist, you’re sending that money away to one of the same corporate conglomerates that DIY culture exists to oppose.


October 15, 2014

Getting Your First Tattoo -an interview with Off-tract

getting your first tattoo

getting your first tattoo

I recently did an interview about getting your first tattoo, and what I think you should know. The interview is with an awesome blog called Off-tract. Tell us what you think YOU would like to know (or would have liked to know) about getting YOUR first tattoo. Be sure to check our Off-tract’s other great articles, they are super inspiring, creative and often times funny.


September 22, 2014

Announcing the Talis Fortuna Tattoo Collective

Drum Roll Please……….

We are proud to announce beginning in October, after just over a year of being open, the addition of Max and Katherine Ireland to Talis Fortuna and the birth of the Talis Fortuna Tattoo Collective.

Talis Fortuna AD

But first a little history….

What is in a name? Talis Fortuna means “such luck” in Latin and it has been that perspective exactly that got us to where we are today. Not being about “good” or “bad ” but really truly seeing and acknowledging our prosperity and fortune. Since our inception it was with wonder and gratitude that we moved forward each day. Appreciation for our craft, the rich history of tattooing, our love for the high desert of New Mexico and the amazing people it holds and draws to it, our respect for our peers, clients and colleagues. All of that has brought us to this point of growth, the addition of two fabulously creative and skilled tattooers, Max and Katherine Ireland of Ceremony Tattoo.

Here’s a little bit about Ceremony Tattoo

MAX IRELAND  Max Ireland started tattooing in late 2006 at the age of 15, apprenticing under Henry Kruger. Tattooing for eight years, Max finds influence in powerful designs with strength and movement, ranging from traditional Americana to well illustrated Japanese imagery. He strives to be well versed in all styles while offering an experience that is ritualistic. Max believes that this is what tattooing is and should be about. Residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he is proud to call Talis Fortuna his home.

KATHERINE IRELAND  Katherine Ireland grew up in Oregon. In 2007 she attended cosmetology school, it was around that time she also fell in love with tattooing. The two loves finally came together in 2012 when she started her training in permanent cosmetics. Katherine became instantly drawn to the craft of permanent cosmetics and how it can benefit women and men of all ages, be it medical or cosmetic reasons. Since her training began on 2012, Katherine has honed her focus on attaining natural results with modernized styles and offers a variety of services not typically found in New Mexico.

Not only are we growing our team of artists as individuals but together we are forming a collective, The Talis Fortuna Tattoo Collective. As a collective we have a shared vision, we inspire and support and encourage one another to be better, to take risks and to succeed. What to expect from us? The same great work, exceptional tattoos in a beautiful and clean setting. Art, community events, relevant articles and information about tattooing and the continuation of our space as a place that doesn’t suck to get tattooed in. We are still appointment only, only our days of the week will change. Beginning October 1st 2014……

Jason Metka:  Saturday-Tuesday email for appointments                            

Crow B Rising:  Sunday-Wednesday email for appointments

Katherine Ireland:  Wednesday-Saturday email for appointments

Max Ireland:  Wednesday-Saturday email for appointments



February 28, 2014

Hip Mama and Cupcake Tattoos

cupcake flash

Talis Fortuna recently had the privilege of creating cupcake flash for an article published in Hip Mama magazine. The article is featured in the debut re-release of the alternative parenting magazine. The first issue was released February 2014.

A little about Hip Mama from her website, “The first issue of Hip Mama was published in December, 1993, in Oakland, California, by the founding editor Ariel Gore as a forum for single, urban and feminist mothers.

Hip Mama has been called “fun and irreverent” by USA Today, ”delightful” by Glamour, and “cutting-edge” by the Chicago Tribune has grown up alongside Gore’s daughter, covering subjects from weaning to home schooling with a political edge and a puckish sense of humor.


Ariel’s pregnancy and parenting books, The Hip Mama Survival Guide (Hyperion, 1998), The Mother Trip (Seal Press, 2000), and Whatever, Mom (Seal Press, 2004), have been called “Terrific and important” (San Francisco Chronicle), and “revolutionary” (The Seattle Times). Gore edited Hip Mama for 15 years. After a 5-year hiatus, she’s back at the helm, relaunching to magazine with a 20th anniversary issue in 2014.”

To subscribe click


February 1, 2014

Year of the Horse

Talis Fortuna is offering, in celebration of Chinese New Year 2014, 100$ flash. Six designs  inspired by the year of the wood horse! Begins now and ends Saturday Feb 8th. Email to make an appointment or walk in either Saturday 12-6pm. Ensure that your Lunar New Year is filled with good fortune and adorn yourself with a new tattoo!

January 21, 2014

New Year of the Horse

Talis Fortuna would love to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a week long tattoo special! Beginning Thursday January 30th and continuing through Saturday February 8th we will be offering 100$ tattoos inspired by the Year of the Horse. You will have the opportunity to choose any tattoo from our Year of the Horse flash….to be unveiled soon!

limit one per person, appointments still needed for flash special, except walk-in Saturdays 

November 27, 2013

Baca Street Arts Tour

Talis Fortuna has joined up with Baca St. Arts District. We will participating in the 13th annual Baca St. Arts Tour. The tour begins Friday December 6 at 5pm until 9pm, the tour continues through the weekend from 10am-4pm. Reserve these dates!! Canyon Road has nothing on the Baca Railyard District.

Enjoy walking through farolito lined sidewalks, buying and browsing high quality, hand made, local items for the holiday season. Plus each shop will be hosting a raffle!

Talis Fortuna will be selling prints of original art work and cards as well as blown glass marbles. We will also serve complimentary hot bevies…come visit!


November 27, 2013

2013 Thanksgiving Food Drive

Talis Fortuna is hosting a Thanksgiving Food Drive from now until Monday November 25th. For every can of food you bring in we will discount your tattoo by 4$. You may bring in up to 12 cans or non-perishable food and we will round up to 50$! Credit towards a tattoo is good until the end of 2013.

Talis Fortuna

Talis Fortuna

931 Shoo Fly St
Santa Fe NM 87505

The collaborative dream of tattoo artists, Jason Metka & Crow B. Rising. A unique tattoo studio in the heart of the Santa Fe Railyard District at Baca Street. We offer the expertise of over 15 years of professional tattooing experience in a clean, comfortable and private setting.